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Quietus II Quietus II

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this game. It's a difficult, yet fun game. I've had a lot of fun, but can't seem to get past level 35. ;-;
The music is epic and I love it, it's sorrowful yet peaceful and relaxing, and helps witht he frustrations of the game. :3
The controls are nice and tight, and work perfectly.
The sprites are great.

The only thing I have to say is...
Whenever I come back to this the next day, for some reason my data's gone. I go to the level select menu and I'm back at level one. ;-;

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Flash Bash Flash Bash

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I played this game the other day and I really enjoyed it. It's a really good brawler, and it's very well made. The music's good, the artwork's good, the voices are so-so, and the movesets are actually pretty cool.

I feel like Dragon Boy's a overpowered, though... because when you're blocking or whatever, you can get the dragon to attack. Or if you're about to go in for the attack, you can shoot a fireball first and run in with it. I always had more trouble fighting him than anyone else. e.e

Godlimations responds:

thanks for the review.

Dragon Boy is good for repelling combos, the thing lacking in that character is his speed. it takes a while for his attacks to ricochet.

I've been getting spontaneous reviews about almost every character being overpowered. It's rather difficult to tell at this point what the majority is saying. But point noted and thanks again for the review.

Reign of Centipede Reign of Centipede

Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'm gonna be honest here.

At first, I thought this looked like a promising, good game.
But then I played it.
The music and controls are pretty good (jumping is a bit iffy sometimes, especially with the gaps), but the waves kill it.

By the time I get enough money to build a small shack, there are already a decent amount of enemies coming at me. It's hard to build one when you have to move every two seconds.
Not only that, but from the tutorial, you said nothing about how you must hold down in so you can build a shack. I clicked to build a small shack and sat there, walking around, not knowing that I had to hold down to do it. Same goes with the tubes that make you go upwards and downwards to different levels, I didn't know you could do that until my second time playing.

The huge robots that fly down and shoot beams of energy are way too overpowered for the first couple rounds. It easily took down a majority of my life as well as killing my allies. There's nearly no way to dodge it. If it's in the right position, standing in place or jumping will get you hurt, and it will drain your health fast. I feel like it should at least do less damage or something.

I found myself losing far before I even got to build more than one building, and there was no way to stop it. I dunno if it just so happened to be the two rounds I've played or not, but the enemies spawned like crazy, making it to where I couldn't do anything except run from them, and even when I do that, there were tons behind me.

I gave 3 stars and a 3, only because I feel like this game could be a lot better than it is. As of now, the music, spriting, controls, and ideas are the only thing going for it, in my opinion.
Could have been done better, but hey, it's better than anything I could do.

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Super Adventure Pals Super Adventure Pals

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Okay, this game is amazing. I loved the art, the fighting, the platforming, etc. It's very well put together, and is a great game that kept me entertained for literally hours. I played through this game twice now, and about to for a third time.

I feel as if a sequel with more abilities and levels would be absolutely incredible. Maybe more ietms in stores (such as a double jump ability, maybe?) and more things to level up.
You could level up your overall health and strength, so I feel like if you added new abilities, you could have those level up too.
Maybe level up jumping? Once all the way levelled, you can double jump or something? Or level up your giraffe for it's laser to deal more damage and for it to help more and help fly further? Maybe even levelling up your bombs so they're increased in power and fire radius or something? A bunch of stuff can be added, even new abilities (possibly switch the right arrow key or D to certain spells or something such as flames). But of course that's not needed, these are just thoughts on if a sequel is made. I'd love to see more levels, too. Three worlds was a lot and took a good amount of time to complete, especially with five levels within... then five parts within each level.

The only bad things I have to say are... well, the bosses. They're pretty fun, but at the same time REALLY easy. I killed the fish boss no problem, and the jelly boss is even easier. The final boss was the hardest, but still easy to kill. Not only that, but there just weren't too many userful power-ups. I only found myself using the giraffe helicopter on the parts I NEEDED to, and I never used the giraffe laser. Also, the enemies were pretty easy to kill as well.

Overall, amazing game. Great music, great art, great fun. 5/5.
(The giraffe laser shoop da whoop face was a nice addition ;D)

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